Owner Responsibilities

Article III, Section 17 Lot Upkeep and Maintenance

     (a) Except for the maintenance responsibilities of the Association described in Article II, Section 4 hereof, all Lot Owners with completed residences thereon shall keep and maintain the exterior of all buildings, structures and improvements located on the Owner’s Lot in a first class, neat, attractive, sanitary and substantial condition and repair, including without limitation the painting, repairing and caring for gutters, downspouts, exterior building surfaces, windows, doors, garage doors, lighting fixtures, driveways, and other paved areas, and all other exterior improvements, such as to keep the same in a condition comparable to their original condition, normal wear and tear excepted.  Lots upon which no improvements have been constructed shall be mowed and kept free of trash and debris.

     (b) Each Owner shall provide exterior maintenance as follows, the cost of which each Owner be shall be individually responsible:

(i)  repair and replacement of all glass surfaces on said Lot

(ii) repair and replacement of all exterior doors and garage doors

(iii) repair and maintenance of all caulking around exterior doors, windows, and vents

(iv) repair, maintenance and cleaning of gutters

(v)  inspection and repair of all cracks in stucco and cementitious texture surfaces

(vi) inspection and repair of all cracks or peeling exterior paint within a fully enclosed patio or entry area

(vii) replacement of any trees, shrubs, lawns, or landscape within a fully enclosed patio or entry area, including the rear patio of an Owners respective Lot 

(viii) maintenance, repair, or replacement resulting from any fire, wind, flood, tornado, hurricane, or other casualty damage within the Lot of an Owner

(ix) repair or replacement of any property whether upon such Owner's Lot or any other Lot, or the Common Area, which repair or replacement is required because of any gross negligence or the willful act of such Owner or any member of such Owner's family or household, or any guest, tenant or other invitee of such Owner

(x)  repair, replacement and maintenance of additional landscaping installed by an Owner within a fully enclosed patio or entry area, including the enclosed rear patio of an Owner's Lot

(xi) maintenance, repair, or replacement of all screened enclosures on such Owner's Lot

(xii) cleaning walks or driveways when such cleaning is necessary as determined by the Association, and the cleaning is necessitated by excessive wear or staining

The Owners shall be responsible for any staining of a residence or paved area, which may be caused due to water quality or an irrigation system.  the Association may require from time to time that Owners adopt systems to prevent stains (such as automatic de-ionization systems). 

     (c) The Association shall have the right to enter upon a Lot for the purposes of bringing a Lot into compliance with this Section 17, and this right shall include the right to mow grass, trim landscaping, and remove trash or debris.  The cost for the Association to undertake this work shall be assessed against the Lot as a Specific Assessment pursuant to Article V of this Declaration.

Note: If there is any discrepancy between the above rules and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements for Montevilla at Bartram Lakes Association, Inc., then the Declaration shall govern.


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