Association Responsibilities for Exterior Maintenance of Lots

Article II, Section 4 Responsibility of Association for Exterior Maintenance of Lots


The Association shall provide:

  1. Grounds maintenance

  2. Exterior re-painting

  3. And, at times determined by the Board, replacement of all of the roofs on the residential buildings of each Lot (this does not include roof repairs).


Each Lot is subject to an Annual Assessment (and Special Assessment, if necessary), including reserves, for such maintenance as provided in this Declaration, as the case may be, as follows:

  • The exclusive right of the Association to conduct grounds maintenance, hereafter defined as:

    • Mowing

    • Blowing

    • Edging

    • Fertilization

    • Insect

    • Weed and disease control

    • Irrigation and maintenance of lawns:

      • trimming and replacement of trees

      • shrubs and landscaped areas

      • including any partially enclosed front yards of Lots

      • Walks

      • Fences

      • walls and hedges (if any)

      • and the maintenance, replacement and repair of any other exterior improvements in the Common Areas installed by the Declarant, the CDD, or the Association

  • The exclusive right of the Association to paint and repaint exterior building surfaces (excluding screened enclosures and any areas that are within an enclosed patio) at the times determined by the Board

  • The exclusive right of the Association to replace all roofs on all residential buildings

  • The repair, replacement, and maintenance of utility easements located under each Lot

  • The right to repair, replace, and maintain irrigation systems on or under the exterior of each Lot and within any irrigation easement or wall easement.  The Association’s duty of exterior maintenance does not include:

    • glass surfaces

    • driveways

    • replacement of exterior doors

    • gutters

    • trees

    • shrubs

    • lawns or landscaped areas within an enclosed patio or fully enclosed entry area including the enclosed rear patios of Lots, except that the Association will maintain and replace any hedge or other landscaping installed by Declarant or the Association along the boundary between any Lot and the Common Area, if any. 


The Association also is not responsible for any maintenance, repair or replacement resulting from any fire, wind, flood, tornado, hurricane or other casualty; and each Owner will promptly correct any and all such casualty damage to such Owner’s Lot.  Where it is stated herein that the Association has “exclusive control,” it means the Owners of Lots shall not be required, or entitled to, conduct such activities, it being the intent of the Association to control such activities for purpose of maintaining uniformity within the Property.  The Association shall have sole discretion as to the timing and necessity of maintenance activities.

Note: If there is any discrepancy between the above rules and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements for Montevilla at Bartram Lakes Association, Inc., then the Declaration shall govern.