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Montevilla at Bartram Lakes Association, Inc., is a highly desirable gated townhome community featuring two-car garages in Bartram Park.  Montevilla's construction started in 2014 and is comprised of 160 homes with a large outdoor pool and cabana area.  Standard Pacific/CalAtlantic was the initial developer, general contractor, and designer for Phase I.  In February 2018, Lennar Homes purchased CalAtlantic and finished building out the Association and Phase II in June 2020.  Click this link to read the welcome letter for new Owners. 

Events & Announcements

Remember, FPM's self service portal is available to submit work orders 24x7 via their secure Website.  The link below will take you to the Website: 


Updated: April 18, 2021  (Rule of the week link)

Engineer inspection - Professional engineers hired by the Association will be on-site for the next three weeks. The engineers are with Woods Engineering, Inc. They are performing a visual inspection of the homes (front and back) and all common areas. If you have any issues of concern with your home, please show the engineers.  If you have any questions regarding this inspection please contact our Community Association Manager Rich Curran-Kelley at rich@fpm.company.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  

Upcoming Yard Sale – The Association will be having a community-wide yard sale on Saturday, April 24, from 8-12 (rain or shine).  Gates will open at 7:50 am.  Signs will be posted at the front entrance and throughout the development.  Anyone wishing to donate unsold items can call or go online to contact one of the following charitable organizations to request pick-up:  American Veterans (AMVETS):  (904) 389-4317; Vietnam Veterans of America: pickupplease.org; or any Goodwill donation center.

Lake algae - Lake Doctors is treating the lake twice per month now to kill the algae that formed last year.  We are told this is the most difficult type of algae to remove and the chemical treatment being used is the strongest available.  

Lake Fountain WMS - Our lake fountains have a Windspeed Monitoring System (WMS) that should automatically turnoff the fountains at pre-determined windspeeds.  Our WMS has not worked since the system was installed.  It was also discovered the north fountain is not even connected to the WMS.  This WMS problem was reported to Lennar during the turnover inspection.  On March 17, 2021, Lennar notified the Board of Directors they have agreed to replace the entire WMS at a cost of $5,694.25.  This is a huge win for the Association.  Lake Doctors will be installing the new WMS as soon as the parts are received. 

Fire Hydrants -  The City of Jacksonville has re-painted our rusted fire hydrants.  We have also submitted a ticket for them to install the blue pavement marker in the center of the street adjacent to fire hydrants.  Thanks to Tom N. for submitting this request. 

Lennar turnover inspection:  Lennar has sent to the BOD a an update on the list of items they will be repairing.  Updated 04/04/21 - Click here to view the list.

Architectural Review: Please remember ALL exterior changes or modifications to your Lot require prior approval.  This includes landscape lighting.  Owners must submit an Architectural Control Committee application to the board of directors via FPM for approval.  For any questions regarding submittals please contact Herb Boyett at hb@fpm.company.

Perimeter Fence Replacement:  The fence material is now on order and we are waiting for it to become available.  June 2021 is still the projected installation month.  Once a delivery date is scheduled then we will start the site management planning, which is approximately 30 days prior to delivery.

Pool seating/COVID19:  The social distancing requirements permit 50 percent seating capacity on the pool deck.  On June 18, 2020, FPM unlocked and placed 50 percent of the chairs and lounges on the pool deck for Owners/Guests to use.  Update 9/15/20 - Currently, the pool gates unlock at 6:30 am and lock again at 8:30 pm.  Social Distancing rules still apply.

Notary Public - The Webmaster is also a Notary Public and is available to notarize documents. Click this link to view the webpage.

Street Parking:  Street parking is prohibited for all residents within the property. All residents of homes within the property must park their vehicles inside their garage or in their driveway. Vehicles are not permitted to block sidewalks at anytime.  Contractors, vendors and guests of residents, may park their vehicles on the street only on a temporary, short-term basis during the hours of 6:00 am to 11:59 pm; provided that they may not block any driveways or mailboxes and they must comply with any “No Parking” signs that may be posted.  No vehicles may be parked on the street within the property during the hours of 12:00 am to 5:59 am, except vehicles used by the Association. Towing will be strictly enforced.

Rule of the Week - Article III, Section 11 Fences, Walls, and Hedges (changed by second amendment): 

No fences may be erected, placed or maintained on any Lot.  Walls and hedges shall be subject to the prior written approval of the ACC with respect to location, height, materials, style and finish and shall comply with all governmental requirements.  No walls or hedges shall be permitted in any in any portion of the property designated as a drainage easement, utility easement, or similar easement or area.  Additional wall or hedge criteria may be found in the rules and regulations adopted by the ACC.


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