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Montevilla at Bartram Lakes Association, Inc., is a highly desirable gated townhome community featuring two-car garages in Bartram Park.  Montevilla's construction started in 2014 and is comprised of 160 homes with a large outdoor pool and cabana area.  Standard Pacific/CalAtlantic was the initial developer, general contractor, and designer for Phase I.  In February 2018, Lennar Homes purchased CalAtlantic and finished building out the Association and Phase II in June 2020.  Click this link to read the welcome letter for new Owners. 

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Remember, FPM's self service portal is available to submit work orders 24x7 via their secure Website.  The link below will take you to the Website: 


Updated: July 23, 2021  (Rule of the week link)

Bar Code Gate Reader - The bar code reader requires a complete replacement.  The board will be discussing this repair along with the vendor representative at the July board meeting.

Lake Fountains:

  • North Fountain – the fountain continues to trip the circuit breakers after running for a period of time.  Electricians have been on site and could not locate any electrical problem.  Lake Doctors’ next step will be to pull the fountain from the lake, separate the motor and cable then test them independently.  When tested together there is no electrical problem.  The motor is new and within the year of installation so, there is a warranty, however the 300-foot cable has not been replaced.  This may be what needs to be done and will be checked.

  • Middle and North Fountain - The new wind speed controls we’re all set to turn off at less than 10mph and stay off 10 - 15 minutes due to the water spray.  This has been adjusted.  Also, Lake Doctors replaced the nozzle on the middle fountain at no charge to reduce the water spray due to owner complaints.

  • South Fountain – Lake Doctors is piloting a geyser nozzle to reduce water spray due to owner complaints.  There has been no charge to the Association yet as this is a pilot.

Durbin Creek Bridge - The St. Johns County Engineering Division will be performing maintenance on Race Track Road at Durbin Creek Bridge. Operations will consist of maintenance modifications to the east bound bridge approach and departure slabs, as well as the bridge deck.  Construction is expected to start: August 5, 2021 and take 8-10 days to complete.

Algae Analysis Follow-up - As previously communicated in June, Lake Doctor's commissioned a comprehensive algae test at no cost to the Association.  They've since received the algae analysis results and are actively pursuing several experimental test treatments in the south-lobe of the lake.  If the tests are successful; next steps will be to propagate the treatment process and/ or procedure throughout the lake to remediate the water algae issue.  They were on-site 7/19/21, and treated the lake as the first of a two part treatment.  Lake Doctors plan on being on-site again 7/20/21, to complete the second half of a two part treatment plan then will be monitoring the lake for results.  Lake Doctor's has assured the Board that this issue has their full attention and will continue to work to find a remedy.   We will continue to provide updates as they become available.


Architectural Review: Please remember ALL exterior changes or modifications to your Lot require prior approval.  This includes landscape lighting.  Owners must submit an Architectural Control Committee application to the board of directors via FPM for approval.  For any questions regarding submittals please contact Herb Boyett at hb@fpm.company.

Perimeter Fence Replacement:  The fence material is on order and we are waiting for it to become available.  Due to the COVID19 Pandemic the vinyl industry has struggled to recover and the fence manufacturer is projecting an October 1, 2021 ship date.  The freight delivery industry is also struggling.  The actual installation date is still TBD.  The delay is due to the COVID19 pandemic and inability to obtain raw materials needed to manufacture the fence, as well as shipping.   

Notary Public - The Webmaster is also a Notary Public and is available to notarize documents. Click this link to view the webpage.

Street Parking:  Street parking is prohibited for all residents within the property. All residents of homes within the property must park their vehicles inside their garage or in their driveway. Vehicles are not permitted to block sidewalks at anytime.  Contractors, vendors and guests of residents, may park their vehicles on the street only on a temporary, short-term basis during the hours of 6:00 am to 11:59 pm; provided that they may not block any driveways or mailboxes and they must comply with any “No Parking” signs that may be posted.  No vehicles may be parked on the street within the property during the hours of 12:00 am to 5:59 am, except vehicles used by the Association. Towing will be strictly enforced.

Rule of the Week - Article III, Section 33 - Lakes and Waterbodies:  Lakes and water bodies within the property are designed solely for management of storm water runoff and surface waters.  As such, they are not designed for, nor are they intended to be used for, aquatic activities.  Therefore, use of ponds, lakes, and other water bodies for boating, swimming, or any other aquatic activity is prohibited.