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Montevilla at Bartram Lakes Association, Inc., is a highly desirable gated townhome community featuring two-car garages in Bartram Park.  Montevilla's construction started in 2014 and is comprised of 160 homes with a large outdoor pool and cabana area.  Standard Pacific/CalAtlantic was the initial developer, general contractor, and designer for Phase I.  In February 2018, Lennar Homes purchased CalAtlantic and finished building out the Association and Phase II in June 2020.  Click this link to read the welcome letter for new Owners. 

Events & Announcements

Remember, FPM's self service portal is available to submit work orders 24x7 via their secure Website.  The link below will take you to the Website: 


Updated: March 6, 2021  (Rule of the week link)

Food drive - The Montevilla Social Committee hosted a quarterly food drive from March 1-7 to support the Mandarin Food Bank.  Many thanks to Sue, her grandson Cullen, Mary, Gina, and Amy for coordinating and collecting the food items. We’d also like to thank everyone in the community who donated to the Mandarin Food Bank – it was a huge success! Click here to view the pictures!!  

Fire Hydrant Pavement Markers - A ticket has been submitted to the City of Jacksonville to install the blue pavement markers in the center of the street adjacent to fire hydrants.  Thanks to Tom N. for submitting this request. 

Turnover final audit - The Association received the revised turnover audit from Lennar on 3/1/21.  The PDF version has been loaded to internal documents within FrontSteps for Owners who would like to read it.  The auditor was unable to issue an "Unqualified" opinion after reviewing the additional 2014 bank records provided by the Finance Director.  Rather, the auditor issued an "Qualified" opinion.  Again, a "Qualified" opinion states the financial statements of a corporate client are with the exception of a specified area, fairly presented.  Auditors typically qualify the auditor's report with a statement such as "except for the following," when they have insufficient information to verify certain aspects of the transactions and reports being audited.  This was the case in our audit as there were missing 2014 financials.  A "Qualified" opinion is not so severe that it indicates that a business is doing poorly or that a company has hidden or falsified information, but rather, that the auditor simply cannot give an issue free report.  The auditor may specify that they believe the overall audit to be true and factual but will specify the area that they believe is the issue.  The $181,000 owed to the Association has been received by FPM's Controller and is being processed for deposit into the bank. 

Lennar turnover inspection:  Lennar has sent to the BOD a an update on the list of items they will be repairing.  Workers were on site 3/5/21, to install the additional fencing between Bartram Park Blvd and Montevarchi Court.  The work has not yet been inspected for completion.  The Association sent a request on 3/5/21, requesting an update as to when the remaining repairs will be completed and are awaiting a response.  Updated 02/10/21 - Click here to view the list.

Painting of Fire Hydrants - The President of the BOD has confirmed with JEA they will be repainting the Bartram Park Fire Hydrants within the next three months if not sooner.  JEA's contractor is finishing the Northwest section of St. John's county now then will move to Bartram Park.

Perimeter Fence Replacement:  The fence material is now on order and we are waiting for it to become available.  June 2021 is still the projected installation month.  Once a delivery date is scheduled then we will start the site management planning, which is approximately 30 days prior to delivery.

Pool seating/COVID19:  The social distancing requirements permit 50 percent seating capacity on the pool deck.  On June 18, 2020, FPM unlocked and placed 50 percent of the chairs and lounges on the pool deck for Owners/Guests to use.  Update 9/15/20 - Currently, the pool gates unlock at 6:30 am and lock again at 8:30 pm.  Social Distancing rules still apply.

​Notary Public - The Webmaster is also a Notary Public and is available to notarize documents. Click this link to view the webpage.

Architectural Review: Please remember ALL exterior changes or modifications to your Lot require prior approval.  This includes landscape lighting.  Owners must submit an Architectural Control Committee application to the board of directors via FPM for approval.  For any questions regarding submittals please contact Herb Boyett at hb@fpm.company.

Street Parking:  Street parking is prohibited for all residents within the property. All residents of homes within the property must park their vehicles inside their garage or in their driveway. Vehicles are not permitted to block sidewalks at anytime.  Contractors, vendors and guests of residents, may park their vehicles on the street only on a temporary, short-term basis during the hours of 6:00 am to 11:59 pm; provided that they may not block any driveways or mailboxes and they must comply with any “No Parking” signs that may be posted.  No vehicles may be parked on the street within the property during the hours of 12:00 am to 5:59 am, except vehicles used by the Association. Towing will be strictly enforced.

Rule of the Week - Article III, Section 35, Holiday Lights and Other Lighting Holiday lighting and decorations shall be permitted to be placed upon the exterior portions of a residence and upon the Lot in the manner permitted hereunder during a period commencing on Thanksgiving and continuing through January 15 of the following year, after which such lighting and decorations shall be removed.  Lighting and decorations for any other holiday other than that referenced above shall be permitted commencing 15 days prior to said holiday and continuing for 15 days following said holiday, after which time said lighting and decorations shall be removed.  The ACC may establish standards for holiday lights and may require the removal of any lighting that creates a nuisance.


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