Dennis Mathis


Currently, I am an Owner who is very interested in joining the Board of Directors.  My resume and accomplishments are below.   

RESUME (PDF Version)

OBJECTIVE:  To obtain an Officer position on the Montevilla of Bartram Lakes Association, Inc., Board of Directors.


Professional Accomplishments

Information Technology with a Fortune 50 Company

  • 33 years in IT area – Current Director of Incident Management

  • Managing all Global enterprise major incidents with staff in NJ, PA, FL, India, and Ireland

  • Managed projects in 3 major countries

  • Several awards including annual Project Management award and several Business Value awards resulting from improving service and reducing costs

  • Managing a 4+ million dollar staffing budget  

Army National Guard - 1983-1989 Honorable Discharge in Georgia and Florida

  • Primary MOS – Track Vehicle Mechanic

  • Secondary MOS – Armor Assistance



Bartram Park Community Development District

- Vice Chairman, Board of Supervisors

2016 to 2017

Royal Point Homeowner Association

- President & Vice President for 15 years.  Maintained the following:

  • Overall Budget for HOA

  • Landscaping oversight and design

  • Communications and Record keeping 

  • Converted neighborhood to a full electronic communications 

  • Redesigned landscaping to reduce overall expenses by 20% annually 

Homeowner - Montevilla

  • Created and championed internal directory and email process for neighborhood communications

  • Volunteer to assist with overall landscaping issues and concerns

  • Provided personal financial resources and manual labor to improve neighborhood storage room and issues throughout neighborhood

  • Created Facebook page for neighborhood to improve free speech communications for neighbors



  • Led the implementation of Brightview's HOA Connect Portal

  • Managed the Landscape committee and coordinated with Brightview to ensure timely completion of landscape repairs

  • Cleaned out and organized the Pool Cabana Storage room

  • Repaired the Pool Cabana Audio system

  • Repaired the concrete fountain so water would flow properly 

  • Co-managed the work to replace the 13 gas lantern propane burners on Vittoria Lane and the Pool Cabana.