James Griffith, PAHM, CHC, FRP, CAM


Currently, I am the Owner who was elected by the Association Membership to the Developer's Board of Directors and am serving as the Treasurer.  I am a licensed Community Association Manager (view my license).  In 2019, I completed a special continuing legal education course titled "Developer Turnover for Community Associations" (view the certificate) in preparation for the developer turnover to Montevilla's Owners scheduled for mid to late June 2020.  I am running for election to the Owner controlled Board of Directors.  My resume and accomplishments are below.   

RESUME (PDF Version(Biography)

OBJECTIVE:  To obtain an Officer position on the Montevilla of Bartram Lakes Association, Inc., Board of Directors.



  • Webster University – October 2004

    • Master of Arts, Management Science / Law

  • Southern Illinois University – May 1999

    • Bachelor of Science, Adult Education




  • Community Association Manager

  • Florida Registered Paralegal

  • FAA Remote Pilot in Command

  • State of Florida, Notary Public

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Lean Certified




  • F.S. 720 Homeowners Act

  • F.S. 718 Condominium Act

  • Collections

  • Accounting, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 

  • Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Administration




Montevilla at Bartram Lakes Association, Inc.

- Treasurer, Board of Directors


February 2019 to Present

  • Responsible for the Association’s funds and financial records. Oversees collections and disbursements.  Developed the proposed annual operating budget and reserve allocations. Monitored budget and expenditures throughout the year.  Reduced account receivables past 90 days from $10k to $3k.

Bartram Park Community Development District

- Vice Chairman, Board of Supervisors

January 25, 2017 to Present


Twinleaf Condominium Association, Inc.

- President and Vice-President, Board of Directors


March 2013 to July 2017

  • Responsibly and ethically managed the Board of Directors, as vice-president and president for a 302-Unit Condominium Association. Expert on all governing documents.  Adept at running an effective Board of Director meeting.  Reduced aging account receivables from $40k to $2k.  As President, managed the filing of a F.S. 558 Florida Construction Defect Arbitration for construction defects against Pulte Home Corporation.  Won a six figure settlement for the Association.





  • Director, Vendor Collections - October 2014 to Present 

  • Manage a staff of 160 and operations pertaining to uninsured/under insured patient accounts that includes collections, vendor management, agency placement, bad debt reporting, and uninsured discount projections.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc. - Retired

  • Director, Special Litigation / Senior Manager Appeals - November 1998 to October 2014

United States Navy - Retired

  • Senior Chief Petty Officer - January 1978 to January 1999


ACCOMPLISHMENTS (since joining the board of directors)

  • Compiled the Association turnover binder and all documents in accordance with F.S. 720.307.  This binder is 1.5 inches thick and has 24 tabs of turnover documents that I have obtained from three different CPA firms, two past property management firms, and CalAtlantic.

  • Researched, located and obtained ALL previous Federal tax returns (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) that were lost

  • Researched, located, and obtained ALL financial audits (compiled/reviewed/full audit - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) performed during the developer control period that were lost

  • Obtained the Association’s IRS W-9 Tax Identification Number.

  • Researched, located, and obtained the invoices and documents for the pool cabana audio/visual system worth $12,800.

  • Researched, located and obtained phase I common property deeds.  Also identified phase II deeds that must be turned over from Lennar to the Association

  • Managed the work to repair and refurbish the concrete fountain and interior basin lighting. This was a very large project.

  • Managed the work to replace all upward tree lighting in the concrete fountain park

  • Managed the work to replace Montevilla marquee lighting on Vittoria Lane

  • Managed the work to replace upward tree lighting along Bartram Park Blvd.

  • Managed and coordinated the work to replace the 13 gas lantern propane burners on Vittoria Lane and the Pool Cabana.

  • Managed the work to replace the pool restroom locks with combo locks thereby reducing the costs to reproduce keys.

  • Managed and coordinated the warranty work that led to a 100 percent replacement of the Association’s entire perimeter fence (original fence cost in 2014 was $204,298.40) at zero cost to the Association

  • Obtained the JEA storm, sewer, and electrical system plans and diagrams for both phase I and II

  • Personally funded the cost to install a home theater receiver at the pool cabana

  • Personally funded the Association Website, URL Domain Name, and Registration for over two years

  • Conducted an inventory of all Association personal property including an inventory

    • Inventory of pool cabana Tables, Chairs, Chaise Lounges, Fireplace furniture and cushions, Stereo equipment, Bose ground speakers, TV, Pool equipment